Innovation event a winner at Mornington

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Mornington Golf Clubs Inaugural Event.

The Event

It was a perfect twilight evening for golf with a sunny and warm 24C. It was 5pm and 100 players and spectators including men, women and children circled around the 18th green. Music was playing loud, the happy hour had begun and the atmosphere was electric with the anticipation of the event to come.

The MC for the night, Club Legend, Alan Wood was introducing the players and going through the rules of the event as the first group approached the tee. The very first shot was greeted with a rousing cheer as it bounded through the green, bounced off the Clubhouse wall and rested at the rear of the green. An interesting start to what was a magnificent evening of fun, laughter, mild sledging, some fantastic shot making in a pressure cooker environment.

The golf really was secondary until we got to the final few rounds as the cream of the Clubs players rose to the top.

The final was between Dave Fenwick and Tony Herceg. Tony made it through to the final having drained a 20-foot putt in the semi-final!

Dave, a MGC Pennant player, was the victor with a 2-0 win in the final. Tony was a gallant runner up having made it through five tough rounds to make it to the final.

Congratulations to Dave on winning the inaugural 64-1 Twilight Par 3 Event but the real winner was the Club and its members as it went down as being one of the best events the Club has run and the innovation of the concept was lauded by all.



  • Twilight Par 3 Shootout held on Friday 16 February 2018.
  • A temporary Par 3 of approximately 100 metres in length is set up on the 18th green with 3 tees of differing length for 3 different handicap grades.
  • 64 players enter. 16 groups of 4 players are drawn.
  • Round 1 – Each group of 4 are competing against each other for 2 spots in Round 2.
  • All four players hit their tee shot with the player who is nearest the pin, off or on the green, progressing to Round 2. The remaining three players play their 2nd shots from where they lie and the player who is nearest in two progresses to Round 2. The other two players are eliminated from the event.
  • Round 2 consists of 32 players, Round 3 consists of 16, Round 4 consists of 8, Semi Final of 4 and a Final two players competing in the final.
  • The final was a best of three match playing the same format. First player to win NTP twice was crowned the 64-1 Champion.
  • Idea behind the event was to create a new fun, quick event for members to enjoy. The Club is continuously thinking of ways to keep golf fun and keep our Club as a family friendly fun place to be.

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