Golf Month 2017 campaign report released

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In review of last year’s campaign, Golf Month has yet again been proven to be a great testament to how an industry-wide annual marketing campaign to drive golf participation has a valuable role to play in ensuring golf in Australia remains sustainable, vibrant and successful.

Led by Golf Australia, Golf Month is a national campaign that seeks to drive golf participation around Australia and, through this, contribute to increased consideration of golf club membership. The aim of Golf Month is for as many potential (including lapsed) golfers as possible in Australia to have golf-related experiencesduring the month of October; this, in turn, relies upon as many clubs and facilities as possible offering these experiences.

The initiative is, with varying levels of financial, human resource and marketing channel support from state and territory associations, Golf Management Australia (GMA), the PGA of Australia (PGA) and Australian Ladies Professional Golf (ALPG).

Earlier this week, Golf Australia released the 2017 post campaign report, giving account on the performance of all aspects of the month long marketing campaign in aim to highlight potential areas for improvement for next years campaign.

The campaign focus for 2017 was on enabling passionate golfers to celebrate and share their love for the game with friends and family; it called upon passionate golfers in Australia to “Share the golf bug.

Last year saw 91 fewer clubs and facilities than in 2016 participated in Golf Month with a total of 344. However, Golf Month was a big hit in Tasmania, where more than two thirds of clubs participated–strong support from the state’s Golf Development Manager.

The success in the region was largely due to excellent relationships and regular contact with clubs as the key drivers of engagement.

Golf Month also positively continued to grow in Victoria (up six to 107 clubs and facilities), but far fewer participated in New South Wales (down 56 to 95) and Queensland (down 43 to 38).

However, among the clubs and facilities who responded to the post campaign survey, the number of average out at 46.5. If data were extrapolated across the country, this would equate to 16,000 participants in Golf Month 2017.

In reviewing the data gathered from the survey, and the fact the majority of golfers are introduced to the game by people they know and love, it is recommended that future campaigns once again tap into the passion of current golfers by encouraging them to share their love of the game and introduce friends and family to golf.

Also according to Golf Australia’s recommendations, face-to-face contact is especially important given the variety of people who take lead roles for Golf Month at clubs and facilities around the country – the survey identified club presidents, volunteers, PGA professionals, marketing managers, secretaries, club captains, owner-operators and membership officers.

Furthermore, the survey concludes it is critically important that all state and territory golf associations are fully on board and committed to the success of Golf Month; the sport can’t afford situations where introductory programs running at clubs and facilities in October are excluded from Golf Month.

The report also highlights the need for earlier (and more) engagement with clubs and facilities to maximise awareness of Golf Month activities, which also sparks a conversation regarding campaign timing – Golf Month could be moved forward in the year; however this needs to be balanced against the obvious need for Golf Month advertising during October.

As you start to think about your own plans for Golf Month 2018, it would be worthwhile to note that the fundamentals won’t change this year – please plan a fun, welcoming, social activity during October at your club or facility. Golf Month will continue to be focused on driving golf participation around Australia and increasing consideration of golf club membership.